Denis Diderot school



Supportive environment that fosters interests and talents

Modern school in a natural setting


Progressive approach to education


Supportive environment that fosters interests and talents

Our philosophy 

  • is based on the understanding of a community in which we learn from each other through dedication and inspiration. We strive to meet the needs of each student and we cultivate independence, responsibility, the spirit of exploration and the desire to learn from an early age. We develop a sense of empathy and tolerance for others in the children by encouraging them to participate in volunteer initiatives both at the school and in the community.
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  • Alternative teaching methods

  • Sports, arts and interactive education

  • Ecologically-friendly building as a teaching tool

  • Dedicated teachers with a personal attitude

why us?
taking care of earth

Environmental protection

is part of the vision of the Denis Diderot School. The environment in which the children grow up in is critical for their education as sustainability-oriented, environmentally-conscious people. The 6,000 m2 campus is located in the town of Bankya in an ecologically pristine region. Only natural materials were used in the construction of the school, and an ozonation system reduces the carbon emissions. The irrigation system works with collected rainwater; in the dry season, water is drilled from the ground.

School environment