School environment


School environment 

Located at the foot of Lyulin Mountain in the beautiful town of Bankya, known for its healing mineral waters, fresh air and lush greenery, the Denis Diderot School’s grounds cover an area of 6,000 m² and is only twenty kilometres from the centre of Sofia. We chose this special place to build a modern school in natural surroundings, where children have the freedom to grow up breathing fresh air, spending time learning outdoors and exploring the environment. Teaching the students in the open air makes learning authentic, the school subjects come to life and provoke the children to explore and be creative.

Environment for Development

Constructed in 2021, the Denis Diderot School building is fully compliant with the latest requirements for energy efficiency and is designed in a natural architectural style using wood, stone and glass. An ozonation system reduces carbon emissions. The irrigation system uses collected rainwater and groundwater from a well during the dry months. The school complex offers bright spacious rooms, well-equipped classrooms for the natural and social sciences, music rooms, two libraries, and larger halls for dancing and for the arts.

Two gyms are available for indoor sports activities, there is a 25 m swimming pool as well as a smaller one, there are also two outdoor playing fields and a running track. The school amphitheatre is a social space for school activities and events. The two libraries, in addition to offering a wide choice of books, are transformed into a space for studying and for conducting the literature lessons. The school has its own kitchen with fully modern equipment in which varied and healthy food is prepared.

Access and Security

Safety and security at the Denis Diderot School are ensured with a video control system and controlled access. Guests and visitors to the school are allowed to enter the premises only if accompanied by a member of the school staff.