School community


School community

The Denis Diderot School is a community in which we learn from one another with dedication and inspiration. We strive to meet the needs of every student by stimulating independence, responsibility, exploratory spirit, willingness to learn, empathy and tolerance from the earliest age.


The teachers at the Denis Diderot School are confident and have a rich array of experience in working with children. They impart to the children their enthusiasm and curiosity to explore the world, inspiring them to seek new knowledge and make discoveries. They make education fun, interesting and useful by taking into account the children’s own individuality. They manage the learning process, monitor the progress of each student and bear responsibility for the outcome.


The main focus of the Denis Diderot School is the children’s development, their interests and abilities. Our aspiration is for every young person graduating from the Denis Diderot School to be independent, capable and compassionate, so as to be able to cope successfully with their responsibilities and challenges later in life with care and respect both for themselves and for others. We cultivate and encourage these qualities, and the students acquire skills for the responsible management of their own education, contributing their ideas and suggestions.


The parents of the students at the Denis Diderot School come from different origins and have different professional careers, but they all share one basic value: the family as the most important nucleus for education in the spirit of care, love, diligence and empathy. 

Communication and feedback

Contact with parents and feedback are extremely important to the Denis Diderot School. Our communication with parents is extremely transparent and ongoing school’s official email. We encourage the sharing of ideas, opinions and recommendations on the part of the parents. 

At the end of each school term, parents receive detailed feedback on their child's progress. The feedback consists of a written form, which is sent via the Denis Dideròt School e-mail, and a personal meeting with the child's teachers.

"Open doors" for new admissions are organized once a year. This is an opportunity for parents who wish to enroll their child to study at the Denis Dideròt School, to get to know the basis, environment and methods of study at the School.