For the 2021–2022 academic year the Denis Diderot School is admitting students for the preparatory class (aged 5 and 6 years) and for first grade. We will be happy to answer all of your questions about admission and the overall school organisation. We look forward to receiving your inquiries via the contact channels given.

Admission Criteria

The Denis Diderot School enrols all children, irrespective of their nationality, religion, ethnicity, gender or skills. At our school, children do not need to pass aptitude tests to prove they are ready for school, nor will they be subjected to observation by a psychologist. A meeting with the parents is sufficient for us to judge their appropriateness and to decide whether we share the same views on the child’s education and upbringing, so as to maximise the child’s potential for self-development at school. Parents applying for their children to be admitted to the Denis Diderot School share the school’s culture and system of values. They are aware of their principal role and responsibility for their care for the children and for their upbringing. They devote a great deal of their time to their family. They bring up their child without any consumerist attitudes, but with tolerance, respect and care for both people and the natural world. They are looking for a friendly and creative environment where their children can develop their talents and grow up knowing that they are appreciated and that their thoughts, feelings and actions matter. Parents are also aware that the school is a community in which lasting relations of friendship and partnership are built. They become actively involved in the child’s life and development, and coordinate with the teachers through frequent feedback.


Families interested in the Denis Diderot School need to complete and submit an online form that can be found on the school’s website. Afterwards, parents will be invited to a meeting with the school’s Principal.


The school fees cover full-time study for 10 months, including textbooks and school materials. The Denis Diderot School provides its own transport and varied meals prepared on-site in the school kitchen. The fees for meals and transport are in addition to the tuition fee. 

Summer English Programme

Due to the overwhelming interest in summer activities for children, Denis Diderot School is offering a Summer English Programmer for children ages 7 to 15.


From 5 July to 27 August 2021, teachers from abroad will be offering all-day instruction for children in English, focusing on speaking and writing. The participants will be divided into two groups, depending on their level of English (beginner and pre-intermediate/intermediate). The programme also includes two hours of sports activities per day.


The weekly tuition of BGN 250 includes transport (to/from Sofia, 26 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., departing at 08:15 and returning at 17:00) as well as food and beverages. The tuition for the entire four weeks of the programme is BGN 750.

To enroll your child for either a two-week period or for the entire Summer English Programme, fill out the contact form or call us at 02/8135 808.

Summer Programme for 8 weeks

Denis Diderot School has organized full-day Summer Progamme for children aged 5 to 10 years, from July 5 to August 27, 2021.

We have selected 8 different topics for each week, included in the summer activities: “Galactic adventures”, “Depths of the seabed”, “Natural phenomena”, “Prehistoric ages”, “Jungle walk”, “Inventions among us”, “On the stage” - Theater and cinema, “I am a journalist” – Television and radio. The children will have exciting visits of many museums, the Zoo, the Botanical garden, the Boyana Cinema Center, as well as a meeting with a journalist who will motivate them for their first report.

Transportation is organized from/to Sofia, 26 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., with departure time 08:15 and return time 17:00. Food is also provided for all children. The fee for a week is BGN 250, which includes transport, food, visits to museums. For a four-week visit to the summer classes, the fee is BGN 750 for the period.

You can enroll your child for the entire Summer Programme, as well as for a period of your choice, by filling out the contact form or contact us at 02/8135 808.