Our identity


Our identity

Our vision is a modern school in nature, driven by love for children and the belief that they are born with an innate desire to discover and explore the world around them. We strive to establish a new education model that focuses on the individuality of each child and the overall development of their personality, guided and supported by mentor teachers.

Our mission is to provide a diverse, calm and creative atmosphere in which children have the freedom to enrich themselves with new knowledge and skills, to discover and develop their interests and talents, and to grow up respectful and caring for people and nature. Our desire is for students to attend the school with joy, eagerly awaiting new experiences and successfully overcoming challenges.

The following principles guide the activities in Denis Diderot School:

  • Integrity: We build trust in each other through sincere and open communication.
  • Respect: We have a careful and respectful attitude towards ourselves and others.
  • Care: We treat everyone with attention and compassion. We understand and accept their needs, feelings and point of view and support them in dealing with various challenges.
  • Collaboration: We learn from each other and help each other, so that everyone can reach their full potential.
  • Responsibility: We give our best, so that others can count on us. We act as responsible citizens and take care of ourselves, people and nature.